Adding i2s audio drivers eg AD1938

How would one go about adding drivers such as for the AD1938, for the RPi they were in the github repo but not enabled and the guys managing the repo enabled them for me. I would like to see how this can be done on the Giant Board, any ideas?

I’m also interested in using other 8bit chips on an 8 bit bus so would there be any bus drivers for abstraction or an easy way to develop my own?

Nice board by the way, keep up the great work Chris!!

Kind Regards, Dan

Hi Dan, welcome to the forums.

Do you have any experience or interest in building a custom kernel? If so we have a set of scripts that make it super easy to do. I can help you with any issues you might have if you get stuck at any point. If not, I can see about getting the driver added. I mostly just want to keep the kernel bloat down unless that driver will be used by a lot of people.