Circuit Python Resources

Hi Guys,

I’m new with Circuit Python and I would like to install it to use it with the Giant board.

Following the procedure on the Circuit Python website I got referred to download it. And then, on the download page if I search for the Giant Board i find nothing, on the blinka tab you can see the giant board but no info o link related once you click on it.
Could someone clarify me how to download Circuit Python for the Giant board and also how to install the Blinka library?

Best regards.

Hello, Blinka(Circuitpython for linux) is already pre-installed on all Giant Boards. Most circuitpython examples will work copy/paste as long as you change the pins to ones that the Giant Board has. The names of the pins in python are the same as the names on the silkscreen.

For the examples, do you look at GitHub? Is any other source of examples.

Blinka is just a module you import into normal python, so any python tutorials should be fine. If you need to know how a specific library works. Each library comes with its own examples. For instance, if you wanted to use a BME280 sensor in with python, adafruit has a library and example for it on github. You can either use adafruits website which has examples for each piece of hardware they sell. This link here goes over all the basics. I’ve included every library by default, so you can just jump in and start using it.

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