Development and Image Information

Received my Giant Board and WiFi feather. I have every thing booted up and running. The directions on your website were great. I am very happy with the boards and look forward to building something with them.

I’m somewhat new to ARM boards. I use ubuntu as my desktop OS. What compiler do I use for cross compiling? Do you have a page up for this type of information? Is this page relevant? So, would the debian and ubuntu images listed here work?



When did you order your board. still waiting for mine!.

To get the tools, refer to:


Thanks! Somehow I missed that. I’ll have a look.

I got mine about 2 weeks ago. Got it booted up last weekend and am now exploring deeper. When did you order yours? I ordered back in February.


I was informed a few days ago that some international orders were held up due to some missing paperwork. That has been sent off and they should be released soon. This only affects orders with WiFi FeatherWings, due to encryption stuffs. An update should go out soon.

Thanks for the update on shipment. Ordered mine at end of february.

Please can you give me some ideas as to which file(s) I need to modify in order to get the I/O port pin’s PULL-UP to work? I can download the git files etc as in the above instructions. If I try to use pull-ups, the gadget port says words to the effect of libgpiod: pull-ups not implemented, use a physical resistor. But the SAMA5D27 has internal pull-up/downs and it would be a pity not to use one! I have tried a C prog to access mem location 0xf0c80008 (approx!) but I get a Segmentation Fault.