Help with identifying a capacitor

So I messed up and accidentally destroyed a capacitor on the bottom side of the board. Could I get some info one what kind of cap this is? I could probably attempt to solder a new one on since I think the pads are still intact:

I was removing a pin header I already soldered on. I was using some pliers to pull out pins as I desoldered but I slipped and smashed that cap :frowning:

Also, I noticed the two rows of caps near the bottom middle are precariously placed as they bridge into each other. Should those be fine like that?

If this is the missing cap, that capacitor is a 0402 size 0.01uF/10nF. Its not super critical and would probably work just fine without it. The caps that are touching each other all share the same power rail, while not aesthetically pleasing will also work just fine.

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Okay thank you! I might have some of those laying around!

Ha! I had the same question about those couple rows of caps in the bottom-middle. Just got my board and they are all crooked and bridged like soup too.

The worries were addressed for me, but is there a part placement drawing around to reference the schematic with?

Really awesome work BTW! Excited to power it up.

The Giant Boards deisgn files and schematics are can be found at these links.
here and here

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