How to put Wifi into Low Power mode

I can put the gaintboard into ‘mem’ mode to reduce power consumption from 79mA to 17mA, but the wifi still draws full power (another 81mA giving a total of 101mA)

How do i put wifi into low power mode and wake it up again?

If you run use a script to put the Giant board in sleep mode, you can add sudo connmanctl disable wifi to it and sudo connmanctl enable wifi when it resumes. Might be worth a shot to see if it drops usage more. I believe sleep mode is enabled by default.

“sudo connmanctl disable wifi” doesnt change the power usage. 132mA with both giantboard and wifi

Any other suffestions ?

If you install iw you can try iw dev wlan0 set power_save on

Tried the iw command but no luck.
Any other ideas?

The driver manages all of the other power saving features, I don’t see any other settings in the documentation. The main reason you see high usage during sleep is that the WiFi module has a microcontroller onboard and it maintains your WiFi connection while your main board is sleeping.

According to the datasheet, the WIN1500 in sleep mode consumes less than 1mA, but i am getting 60mA

The Wifi enable pin is on PD13 according to the schematics
With wifi on and giantboard on, but both idle, I have 133mA

$ connmanctl disable wifi
$ echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/PD13/value this gives 103mA

echo mem > /sys/power/state this gives 69mA

For giantboard only, I have 72mA normal and 10mA in mem state

This means the wifi consumes 90mA normally and 60mA in power-down.
60mA is a lot more than 1mA.

There must be something else that is keeping the wifi module active!