Low power mode - permission denied

Trying to set the device into standby and suspend but I get “permission denied”.

$ sudo echo standby > /sys/power/state
-bash: /sys/power/state: Permission denied.

Both debian and root are added to the group ‘sys:3’

Any ideas on how to allow the low power modes to work?

That command line doesn’t do what you think it does. It executes echo standby as root and then writes the output into /sys/power/state as you.

Instead of using sudo in this way, execute this command in a root shell, so that opening the file is also done as root. Another variant is echo something | sudo tee somewhere, but I haven’t checked if that works with non-regular files.

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However, after going into ‘standby’ it does not resume when pressing the power button.
Going into ‘mem’ is fine as it resumes after the power button is pressed.
Normal = 79mA, standby = 58mA, mem = 17mA.

Also how do we put the wifi in standby and wake it up?
When i put the giantboard into ‘mem’ with wifi attached, I am still consuming 101mA.
I would like to be able to put the wifi into low power mode without putting the giantboard into low power mode, then wakeup the wifi when I need to use it.
I also want to put both into low power mode and have them wakeup when signalled through the power button.