No overlay for UART2

I need a second UART. The overlay for GB-UART2-FLX4-AD2-AD3 does not appear in the overlay directory with all the other overlays.
How do i get the build system to create the build system to create this overlay?
Also, what tty will it use when it works?

That should be there in the default SD-card image. Mine is there and it works as ttyS1.

Here is the overlay from my system:-

from giantboard-debian-9.7-1GB-1-17-2020


wonder why I have to load this overlay manually when all the rest are part of the build?

thanks. Seems to work ok

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The reason is probably a simple one, I suspect: Mr Groboard has not been idle and has been building new SD images and occasionally a bug creeps in. For example, the ADC has been working then not working between various firmware releases. I seem to have been lucky and downloaded my SD image when /dev/ttyS1 had its overlay in the image. At the moment I have not tried the ADC :grinning:
The only minor issue I am having is the time delay for the Gadget Port login to appear: it takes 60 seconds after my app starts up.

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I’m always trying to improve the images but there’s a lot of moving parts so bugs creep in fr time to time. If you notice any bugs please let me know. If you don’t use the USB networking please see the docs on USB gadget services. You can switch to a different service and the USB serial will come up much faster. What happens is the DHCP server has to time out before the rest of the USB gadget services comes up.