Officially fried my board

Really odd. I laid my board down on my bed(cotton) and about 30 seconds in smelt something burning. Thought it was just the cat farting so I didn’t pay much attention to it. When I looked at the board it was enumerated as a “Bossa Nova” under com port and the STATUS LED was lit very faintly. I ohmed out 3.3v, VREF, and GND and they are all shorted. I have no idea how I did that but I will take one for the team.


Sorry to hear about your loss. If you have a hot air station, you could try replacing the PMIC for about $3. In most cases that’s the only failed part.

Thanks for the tip. I may try this later. I bought another board because the more I work with this board, the more I like it. I am especially liking the fact that it is even more convenient to work with then the Raspberry Pi and it’s forces me to become better at the command line. Plus there’s some other featherwings then just the Wifi that I am interested in. That first board was sent for free from entering the contest, so it’s not really a loss.

Just to double check Groguard. You are referring to the following IC? Thanks

This is the main PMIC that I’m refering too

Oh Wow. Quad Flat No Lead. I wouldn’t even no where to start. Are you suggesting to solder that by hand? I don’t even think its worth the time to try it as I would screw it up for sure. I think im better off buying the board and starting over. Thank you though for the suggestion.