Reset loop at Linux boot

Hello and hope all is well,
I purchased two boards and I’m using some quarantine time to play with them. One seems to boot fine. The other is doing a reset loop at the end of u-boot. Last line that goes to serial is ‘Starting kernel …’ then it resets. I’m using the same image and SD for both (built from giantboard-tools). First thought is bad HW. Any advice?

Also tried a 2A USB power supply thinking it might be a power issue. No luck, same result.

Just to clarify, you can boot from the same card in a different giant board? The power supply isn’t likely the problem. A giant board alone only draws about 120mA. If possible, take a picture of the front and back of the board. Maybe some component is shifted on the board.

Right, same card works fine in the other board. Don’t see anything obvious is wrong other than those power rail caps on the back (talked about in another thread).

I dont see anything that looks obvious. The fact that it turns on, but loops and outputs something to me says that its maybe a part that isn’t quite fully soldered, or is a dud part. Without having it infront of me, its a bit hard to suggest something. If you continue to have issues and cant figure it out, please contact crowdsuppy and let them know your situation. They have all the current stock and should be able to get you sorted.

No worries, my suspicion is the same. Just wanted to ask to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious before I gave up on the little guy. I’ll just keep it around; it’s always good to have spare parts. Thanks for the extra set of eyes.

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