USB Gadget Multitool

Hi, I’m currently using a Pi Zero as a USB Gadget to do the following:

  • emulate flash drives and CD/DVD-ROMs for system restore images
  • HID proxy for my BLE keyboard and BT mouse (not done yet)
  • Serial Console with to Raspbian
  • USB Ethernet to Raspbian (only works on Mac right now)
  • small ePaper display

I’d like to shrink it with a Giant Board.

To do the BLE/BT to USB HID proxy I would need a BLE/BT module - do you know which one works?

Welcome to the forums! The Giant Board does have USB host so anything supported on the PI should work. It might require enabling a driver in the kernel. I’ve not tested any Bluetooth modules other than USB, so I can’t recommend any at the moment.

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If I use the USB on the Giant Board to connect to a USB Bluetooth Module, does that mean I can’t also run USB Gadget mode at the same time?

The giant board has both USB host and OTG separate so you can use both at the same time. :grin:

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